Are you a dietetic student working on a project you want to show to other people?Would you like to share your experience of placement, exchange or internship?
EFAD Position Paper on the role of the Food Service Dietitian
Please register for The UK Childhood Obesity Plan: what's in, what's out and what else is happening webinar
Saturated Fat Consumption and Risk of Coronary Heart Disease and Ischemic Stroke: A Science Update
An EFAD discussion paper was developed by the European Specialist Dietetic Network for Public Health about Fiscal (and other) measures influencing food and non-alcoholic drink consumption.Fiscal measures offer an opportunity…
Dietitians play a key role in the prevention and management of nutrition-related disorders in older adults (i.e. in this paper referred to as individuals aged over 65 years).
Tackling food marketing to children in a digital world: trans-disciplinary perspectives
Please find attached a post-doc opportunity with the Program in International and Community Nutrition at the University of California Davis for a study in The Philippines. Best regards, Sonja Sonja…
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